Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pregnancy Scrapbook & other Stuff

Elissa brought by the most beautiful pregnancy scrapbook for me yesterday. She is super talented. It was put together with paperbags that were bound like a book. Check it out.


You can see there is a place for each month.


My favorite is the last part is left open so you can put stuff in. Too cute.


I worked out last night for an hour while watching House at the Ultimate Fitness on my favorite Elliptical machine. I was wondering if Kasey was out there somewhere close sweating at her Ultimate Fitness. I dropped another pound. Woohoo!

My sister in law, Becka, has created a blog now called Becka Boo and had her first shoe haul blog post. I am sure there are many more great posts from her to come. You should go check her out.


kaseybobasey said...

I was sweating with you, Merit! I wasn't watching "House" though, I was trying to contain my laughter while watching "House of Payne"...haha, I know my fellow gym members think I'm crazy...I can't help but crack up when that shows on!! :)

dreamer0703 said...

The baby's scrap book is so cute so creative, I luv the idea of those pockets where you can stuff things inside. Haha..I never know Payless used to be cheaper, but since you're pregnant,it might not be a good idea wearing those super high heels for now :)