Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Butt Cleavage

This poor girl sitting in this picture has crack attack. Picture came from Tian. We should all agree that there are only a few people who can wear the extreme low waisted pants. The rest of us should just get a longer shirt or higher waisted jeans. I am ready for the blue jean manufacturers to start making good jeans again that are high enough to prevent butt cleavage but low enough to not look like granny jeans. Is there such a jean out there? What happened to the jean world?

Butt Gap

I went to Cato's today and purchased some great jeans. They sell Misses jeans that look like Junior jeans - trendy. They are not too low-waisted, but they have the butt gap thing going on. You know what I am talking about. When your waist is smaller than what it should be in proportion to your butt, you create a peep show when you sit down. I am going to attempt to put some small darts in my jeans and see if I can CLOSE THE GAP. When more than one person has commented that they can see your butt (and laughs), it is time to hide it.

Monday, February 27, 2006

This is why I have red eyes today. Too much Sims last night. (I salute you Mr. Naked.) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Who ate the Girl Scout Cookies?

For all you parents out there, have you ever wondered who ate your cookies? It was your kids. Hide them for goodness sake.

If you run out and need to find out where to get more, go here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where is Elliott? Quite a resemblance. He is a good singer regardless of how much he favors Curious George. On a serious side, Elliott Yamin has made it through to another week of American Idol. He's good. He could even win. Posted by Picasa

Here is Chia, my little girl Pug puppy, at 13 1/2 weeks old in her blue poncho sweater. She really isn't as sad as she looks. With a face like that, how can you say "No" to her? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lord only knows why I wanted a Chubbles after all this time. Remember those? Toy of the 80's. Eyes are light-sensitive and it makes a cute funny noise when it senses light change. I was reminded of this when my little pug roots around on the floor. She sounds like a Chubbles. I tried for this one on Ebay and was outbid by 50 cents in the last moment. This was exactly like the one I had when I was a kid. Maybe another day. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Great site with a ton of pictures. It is a personal blog about raising their pug. They really love their pug to pieces. It is called Bringing up Shelby. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Remember the sisters. One sat through the American Idol audition with her sister because they support each other. She made it and is in the top 24. They weren't kidding when they said they did everything together. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Funniest picture in the world - about pooping

This picture is on the front page of PostSecret this week. This is great. Check their site out.

Here is my World of Warcraft character. It is a level 34 druid on the Hellscream server. I haven't played in forever. For the Horde! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Taylor Hicks Fan

Taylor Hicks

I am a big American Idol Taylor Hicks fan. I just found out that you can vote for your favorite American Idol contestant on this site, www.vote4idol.com. Taylor is almost in the lead. He is currently under Kellie Pickler. Taylor Hicks sounds like Ray Charles and plays a harmonica. His whole body gets into the song by slapping his knee or stomping his foot, kind of like Ray Charles did. He is only 29 with a full head of silver hair. You will have to come watch him on Tuesdays and Wednesday on Fox.

Vote 4 Taylor!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Vonage Echo

We use the Vonage VOIP phone services. I wonder if it is the phone that I am using. Maybe cordless phones don't do as well. Half of the time, it is okay. Sometimes when I call people, it has a one second delay at the beginning. There has been times where they couldn't even hear me and kept saying Hello. That is bad because then they think you are prank calling when you call back. Our Vonage phone is used for the business we work for so the calls are coming from all over. Today, I got an echo after I would speak. It sounded like a bad cell phone. This happens for no reason and is really annoying. You can't concentrate on what you are saying because you wonder if they hear all that garbage. I spoke to someone from India a few weeks ago. We already had a small language barrier and then we threw the vonage echo into that. It was a mess. I think I sounded like the Charlie Brown teacher. (wa wa wah wa wa wah) I talked to someone from Israel yesterday, and it was okay. One last gripe about the vonage phone is that it tends to hang up on people. It only seems like it happens when I have an angry customer on the phone. You know they think I did it intentionally.

American Idol Contestants

Finally, American Idol has narrowed it down to 24 contestants. They have posted the pictures and profiles of these on their website. You can see it here!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

How to properly cancel Curves

Everybody knows what Curves is. It is the place where women can go work out with low-resistance training. They are popping up as frequently as a McDonalds. I tried it a year ago. When I was not active at all, it was a good way for me to get into some kind of training. After a few months of that, I went to Karate so I no longer needed to go. Here is what I didn't know. If you signed up for a yearly contract with them and it is coming out of your checking account, you have to submit in writing a cancellation of your yearly contract 30 days before it expires or they will keep billing you. I found this out yesterday. This is my $31 mistake. I think I missed my 30 days by a few days. Also, you may need to figure in that they invoice it on the 11th and it usually bills around the 15th. The lady told me I would be surprised how many people are mad because they get billed again. No SHIT Sherlock, I can imagine that people will get mad if you fail to mention this when you sign someone in a contract. So read the fine print and make sure and keep up with it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pride FC - Unbreakable

I saw that Pride has a fight coming up on pay per view in a week. Their website says it is on February 26th, but I noticed our Cox In Demand schedule says they don't show it until February 27th. So check when it gets closer if you are interested in watching it.

For anyone who doesn't know, Pride FC is based in Japan. It is similar to UFC because it is a mixed martial arts fight. Pride has fewer rules so refs don't run in to stop it as quickly. You may see a little more head stomping in Pride than in the UFC. It also doesn't seem as commercialized as the UFC. If you want to learn more about Pride, check out their About Page.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Preference your Music & Rating Artists

Pandora will help you discover music that you like by setting your preferences. You create an account. It is FREE. You put in a few songs that you like, and it suggests music that you like. You can rate it to say you "Like it" or "Don't like it." It is based on things like melody, instruments, and other things like it that go into a song. If you put more than a few songs in it, the range will be wider. It doesn't think that if you like one song by an artist that you will like everyone unless you tell it that you do. It is similar to launchcast, but I think it is better. It is fun to go to Pandora and listen for awhile. If you like what you hear, you can buy it on Amazon. Great for all!

American Idol Underground is a place to rate artists. It is FREE. I have listened for awhile and have found some really great music. I will definitely be buying some cds that I may have not found without American Idol Underground. The talent that is on there is a little more developed than what you see on American Idol. They have at least tried to get a cd made and get some gigs. It is broke down into many sections. You get to rate them and skip to the next song. Kind of addicting because you keep wanting to hear what is next. There have been a few that I wondered who has been supporting all this time.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Chia's first bath with PetSmart Groomers

I took Chia, the pug, to PetSmart yesterday to get her first professional bath. They have a service called Puppy Bath, Brush & More Package. It is great priced at $9.99. You can't beat that. That includes a bath, massage, blow dry, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. It also includes a bandana or bow if your dog's hair is long enough. All puppies can get this service for this price until they are 5 months old. It is suggested that you do this about once every 4 or 6 weeks. You shouldn't bathe a pug no more than once every 3 weeks because they will lose some of their important oils on their skin and get dried out. They were very quick. She was done in an hour.

Chia was terrified because she has never been in that kind of environment before. She is only 12 weeks old. It was pretty loud, and other dogs were barking. She was shaking when we got her back to the car. She whimpered for about 5 minutes. She was very soft and her nails were nice and short. Pug's nails grow very fast. She spent all day yesterday being clingy like she was traumatized. She is better today. She will get used to it after a couple of times.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Chia Ling, the pug. This was taken at 9 weeks. Chia is a female. Posted by Picasa
Find your Celebrity Look alike

For real, it is face recognition from www.myheritage.com. You upload a photo, and it matches your face to celbrities to show you which ones you have similar features with. They are pretty right on. On top of that, it is FREE. In order to match others, for example: family tree, you would have to sign up.

Here is my look alike based on a 62%. Hillary Clinton!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Me at Work

Sometimes it is just fun!

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Belt Ranking - My daugher is getting her yellow belt this weekend. I found out that I will be getting promoted to my orange belt now. I could have gotten it this weekend, but I chose to wait a few weeks to do it with the other adults. It has been hard work!

Having fun on Quizilla again!


You are a genius!! Einstein would be proud! Heres a anime pic for a reward!

How much of a genius are you? (awesome anime pics!!)
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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Love will come after leveling up

I saw this funny video of an Aussie comedian group called Tripod singing this spoof about making love after he gets so far in his game. It was performed at the Comedy Festival and is called "Make You Happy Tonight."

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Injured, Injured Bad

Listen to this kid tell about a fight. It is the best Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial.
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Are you having a mid-life crisis? Take the quiz.

Here are my results:
The Weather Man photo
Mid-life crisis... what does that mean? You're way too busy and happy with your life to be bothered by "what ifs" and "should have, would haves". Just be careful not to get too closed-up - everyone questions life and gets a bit tired of routine, it's natural. Face it head-on and keep embracing life like you always have, and you'll continue to cruise through and enjoy the radiance of those fabulous 40's and 50's (after all, they are the new 30's).

Your forecast: Clear skies ahead!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Starting this blog to jot down all the things going on and crazy events around. I stink at daily commitment so I will shoot for a couple of times a week.