Thursday, July 09, 2009

How to Unsubscribe to your friends' Junk Mail

How do you nicely ask someone to quit sending you all their junk mail? Probably no nice way to do it. That is why I just hit delete. I really am not going to forward to 10 people to save my luck. Phones will not ring and nobody is going to walk through my door. Just kidding but you know what I am talking about.

I have one friend in particular that I had been friends with for years and we moved away from each other over 7 years ago. We tried to email and phone call from time to time. In the past few years, I write an email and get nothing in return. I just get their never-ending forwards. So, I wrote her an important email when I got pregnant to catch her up. Nothing! I finally reply to one the ridiculous forwards and said, "Are you getting my emails?" Later, I received a "Yes, been real busy. Will write you tonight." Okay, if you guessed I did not get any real email, you are correct. But a few days later, I was still receiving all the junky emails. I am thinking if you have time to read this garbage and keep the flow of spam circling, then you could have written an email if you really wanted to.

So, I just hit delete and go on about my day. After a few years of frustration with this, you finally get to the point that you want to reply with the words Unsubscribe. As fitting as it would be, I will not do that. Maybe I am just hormonal and pregnant.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

If BumBum could see me now

My grandmother, who I was very close to, was called BumBum. Her real name was Errolene Brimberry and went by Lynn. I spent lots of time with her and always strived to make her proud. When I was little, I use to go to church with her when I visited her. She attended the Sunset Christian Church in Grapeland, TX. She loved that I was involved in music and especially that I had started trying to play banjo in high school.

Many years later, picked up banjo again and have recently joined the Antioch Christian Church in Hooks, TX. Well, she would be super happy if she is watching me from Heaven because I am playing banjo this Sunday in a Christian Church. I am playing bluegrass style even though it is not my favorite because it is easiest to chord along with piano. I am just going to keep it simple and do some simple rolls in the chords and maybe throw in a bluegrass lick or two. We are playing 3 songs so I hope I don't choke. I was so excited when I left church yesterday. First thing I did was call Nana. I was like a little kid going "Guess what? Guess what?"

I am thankful we get to wear casual clothes in church because banjos are not made for dresses. :)