Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning Sickness Blahs

So lately, I have been getting the morning sickness which has really been most of the day sickness. This has been for several days. You wake up and feel fine and then later, the nausea starts to creep in. I had been trying to do really healthy breakfasts and was doing so good, but once the nausea hit, it went out the window. For a few days I could only eat a few crackers. I have lived most days off of gatorade. Yesterday, I discovered how wonderful popsicles taste. This morning, I started with crackers and tried to move to something else dry before nausea set in. I found myself Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts. I know, this is the worst thing I could eat for breakfast, but it stayed down and that is good. I feel like I just ate candybars for breakfast. The only good thing out of it is that I washed it down with milk and a prenatal. I just don't ever eat that stuff in the mornings. Usually, it is toast with peanut butter, apple or grapefuit, maybe some yogurt if no fruit.

Here is how bad they really are. The nutritional info tells you per 1 pastry. Well, they package them in 2 so obviously, you grab a pack and sit down and eat it. Bam. You just ate twice as much as you are supposed to. 402 calories, around 9 grams of fat, ungodly amount of salt and almost the sugar equivalency of 2 cokes. Only good thing is that it contains Vitamin A and Iron. I think I will not grab for these again.

I'll be glad when this yucky stuff is over because I haven't been able to go workout. By evening time, I have been so drained that all I want to do is lay around and veg on the couch. I'm ready to get some energy.


dreamer0703 said...

wow..I always heard many pregnant women have weird cravings for food, so this is true..haha

Elissa Moreland said...

Im so sorry. Ive heard that you should eat the crackers before ever getting up in the morning...have them by the bed and eat a few with a little water. Dont know since Ive never been pregnant but it might be worth a try. I had a friend who stayed sick the first 4 months. She was miserable couldnt even work for staying in the bathroom. Hope you dont have that problem.