Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mommas Day To Me

Well, yesterday on Mother's Day, I got the most special gift. My baby was supposed to get its first heartbeat. I am glad that Mother's Day is over though because it is sometimes stressful. My mom quit talking to me I guess going on 3 years now for the most dumb reason. I said, "You can't keep calling me fat and making fun of me." And somehow she became the victim so I guess she would rather not talk to me at all since I won't allow myself to picked on. It's good though. One day, she will come around. If not, I have other women in my life that are great and help guide me in the ways I need. Shoutouts to Nana, Momma Rose, and Grandma Charlotte. I love them so much. You have to keep postitive influences in your life.

Danny asked me what I wanted, and I said a big fish tank. I used to have a 29 gallon that I loved, but we outgrew our first house, and it needed to leave. We went fish tank shopping yesterday and ended up with probably way too much. I love it. Alex helped me put it together last night. It is a 47 gallon tall square tank instead of the rectangular tanks. When it is on the stand, it is as tall as me - over 5 feet.


That pic above was taken with all the lights off so there wouldn't be a glare. I still want to get a little more floating bamboo in there and then I will be done and can start picking out fish. I am guessing about a week on the water ph before I can put fish in.


That isn't as good of a picture, but you can tell what it looks like. The stand is cherry wood with metal poles on the side and a glass front. There is 50 pounds of rock in this tank, and I bet it weighs a ton.


Cheryl said...

Cool! I'd like one too, but have no idea how to set them up! What kind of fish will you get?

Merit said...

My son wants a Black Knife Ghost Fish. I don't know what I would put with them. I believe they are aggressive.

kaseybobasey said...

That fish tank is amazing! And in response to your treadclimber comment: THEY ARE GREAT! My gym only has 1 so I'm always fighting with skinny girls to get it! Haha...I don't know why they don't put more in! It's crazy, though...I'm an elliptical woman, I love that thing because I can go for an hour and burn 750 cals but 600 on the treadclimber and all I'm doing is walking? AMAZING! Try it, you won't be dissapointed!

dreamer0703 said...

omg... I always wanted a fish tank like that! I used to have a mini fish tank where I fed 2-3 small fishes, I just love watching fish swimming in the tank, so pretty and so free..If I have my own house one day, I will definitely get a big fish tank like yours! Happy Mothers Day~