Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stumbled on some Farm Fresh Eggs

Went to look at the house we are renovating for my inlaws yesterday, and I mentioned that I needed to stop and get some eggs. It was Grace's bday, and I needed to make a cake. I heard that the lady across the road, Mrs. Hill, has some fresh eggs. I thought, Heck, I will do that and not have to go to the store. So, I bought my dozen farm fresh eggs for 2 dollars. Woohoo! These brown eggs were beautiful and the yolks looked great. I have decided that I will keep going to her and leave the store bought eggs for someone else. I got to see her chicken pen which was super clean. My husband told me that chickens are cannibals and will eat anything including other dead chickens. I can't imagine chickens in the big commercial farms grazing on dead chickens and other things and then hatching out eggs. Kind of seems gross to me.
After pizza and cake and the party stuff, I went to workout after 9 oclock last night. I love Anytime Fitness, because it doesn't matter what time it is. Oh yeah!


kaseybobasey said...

Ok, so I don't even like eggs and those look gooodddd!! I'm glad you're loving Anytime Fitness! Me too! :)

Beth said...

i LOVE farm fresh eggs! In September, my chicks should start laying (Lord willing), and i am SO excited!