Friday, April 17, 2009

Official Anytime Fitness member now

So, I did it yesterday. I joined this great gym that is open 24/7. Website I tried out their free trial a few times and decided that I really liked it. My favorite is the TVs on every cardio machine. That is pretty sweet. It is not a big deal to jump on for a bit and pump out 3 miles. My daughter joined with me. Aweee! How sweet! I read about this great gym on a friend of a friend's page: My Journey to Beautiful Blog. Thank you Kasey!

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kaseybobasey said...

Yay! Merit...congrats! Anytime Fitness is AMAZING...i LOVE IT!! I get so sucked into tv that i don't even realize how much i'm exercising! It's great and i'm so glad you joined! :)