Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chuck Lee Banjo Company

My dream banjo will come from Chuck Lee. This banjo builder is awesome. He creates some of the best openback banjos around and is located in Ovilla, TX. I have only been playing openback for close to a year so I couldn't justify a purchase like that yet. Sometime in the next year, I would love to order a custom banjo from him. I could go to his shop and pick out the exact piece of wood and have it custom to fit me and my hands. I can't even begin to tell you about the sound and the way it feels when you play it.

I met him at the Acoustic Music Camp last year in Arlington, TX. He is one of the coolest guys in the banjo world. You tend to find really unique openback banjo enthusiasts. I am going back this year again so I can take more training from Dan Levenson. He is one of the best clawhammer players in my opinion.

The one banjo I have kind of had my eye on is this one called the Ovilla. I believe this is one that was similar to the one I got to play on at camp. His daughter was using one of his to play at camp and we all got to take turns trying it out.

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