Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chuck Lee Banjos In Action

After creating the last blog, I saw a video of 3 Chuck Lee Banjos in action. The players are Mary Z Cox, Judy Muldawer, and Wayne Shrubsall. The lady on the left is Mary. She is fantastic. I have a few of her books and cds, and I think she is awesome. Hearing her play Snowdrop is what made me realize I love clawhammer. I haven't heard of Judy although I bet she is also a great player. I am new to the scene so I am still learning the legends. The last guy, Wayne Shrubsall, is one of the best teachers that I have had. 2 years ago, I attended Camp Bluegrass in Leveland, TX. He taught me on the bluegrass style. He is a multitalented teacher and plays both styles, bluegrass and clawhammer.


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