Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning Outdoor Spaces

Saturday, I enlisted the help of my older kids to help me clean and watch my littlest one. Our back porch is almost as long as the house and has three distinct areas because of the odd shape. It has been the catch all for quite some time. Last summer I could hardly put the baby down to go outside and water or clean the porch. This summer, we are ready to enjoy the outdoors since it is Baby D's favorite place to be.

It took us over 5 hours to remove everything and clean it to a sparkly shine. One of our hunter cats tends to deliver dead animals at our doorstep and then by a few hours all you find are the yucky organs that even the cat won't eat. I felt the need to disinfect the porch. Yuck!
Baby D looks dangerous with brother's iPhone and the water.

Instead of buying some new patio furniture, I decided it was best to save money and clean up and oil my old wood furniture. I spent the money instead on a water fountain. Woohoo! Way better investment.


Anonymous said...

That looks really nice! You can even see the furniture looking good from the oil, up there on the porch. Great way to kick some tail on a Saturday :)

Laura said...

Great job, Merit! It looks so nice! Your older kids are a big help. It is such a blessing to have older children. Remember how hard it was with no extra help at home? Matthew loves the outdoors too. We have started cleaning our porch. Summer is so close and I can't wait!What did you clean your wood furniture with? It looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

Merit said...

Thank You. I used some Orange Oil spray that was for furniture and wood. I believe olive oil and real orange oil would have given the same results. My teak wood soaked it right up within one day. I will probably have to do it often because they were old and pretty dry.

Kylee Groves said...

LOL! =|c) How the mighty have fallen! Kidding! It obvious that you guys had a fun time cleaning the porch. And it’s nice to see the original color of your porch. Oh, how I would love to see more of your blogs like this! Please keep me posted. ^_^

Kylee Groves