Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Recreate Yourself

I have been listening to an audio book, "Throw Out Fifty Things, Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life" - Gail Blanke. The best surprise message from this book is Recreate Yourself. We tend to hold onto old ideas we have of ourselves because we need a kick in the pants. If you ever say to yourself that you wish you were more like another person because of their qualities then you need to make it so. Start becoming that person you want to be. It is just that easy. Throw out the old clothes that you don't like and start over. Isn't that a concept? It's just that easy.

The most important part of this book is to get rid of all of the stuff that you have latched onto that is weighing you down. It is a great motivational book to get you going. Sometimes that is all we need. Someone to say it out loud.

To go along with the book, you can download a workbook from her site. Even if you don't get this book, her site has some help.

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Melanie said...

Awesome! Thanks for this post. Sometimes I feel like, "I'm 36 years old, how can I still be deciding who I am"? ;-) I finally figured out that I will always be in the process of changing, and I'm good with that.
And I hear ya on the clothes thing. I figured that out a few years back, and started throwing out clothes that I always thought I should wear and kept what was just me. So much more fun!