Monday, February 20, 2012

Jeans to skirt and hair flower

I needed some skirts to wear and love denim, but good jean skirts seem hard to find when you are looking for them.  I had older Levis pants.   I was so intimidated by ripping out the inside seam in the jeans.  Once I got started, it wasn't so bad.

Warning: Bad quality cell phone pics!  :)

It is an A-line skirt.  I trimmed the bottom off and pieced in the panel.  I frayed the edge and ran two lines of stitches above where I cut it so it won't fray past that part.

It has turned out to be one of my most comfortable skirts now.  Didn't cost anything since I used what I already had.

I also decided on a whim today that I would like to make some pretty flowers to put in my hair.  I saw some for sale but knew I could create them cheaper and more unique. I got some tulle, organza, felt, and alligator clips at Hobby Lobby today.  I already had some seed beads.  It was fun.


michelle edwards joy said...

Very Cute Merit!

michelle edwards joy said...

Very Cute Merit!

Danny said...

Great job on both!

Merit said...

thank yall.