Monday, January 30, 2012

Plucco is not so little

This Plecostomus has become the star of our tank. He is a few years old and eats wafers everyday. Our tank is 47 gallons and vertical. He is getting so big that some of our decor is having to come out.

You can see that the plecostomus is probably 12 inches long now. He looks stuck in the colosseum, but he's not. I have removed some of the extra fake greenery and other things so that he can lay on the gravel.

He is so large that when I am on the couch staring at him, I am sure that he is staring back at me. I do not handle him, but I have read that some people like to do that. I am not that brave. It is becoming harder to clean the tank and keep him undisturbed. He is graceful and looks like a dragon flying through the water.

When I first got this plecostomus, I thought he was just going to be an algae sucker. He was maybe 1-2 inches long from the pet store. If you feed them wafers and don't allow them to only eat from the tank, they will Flourish!


Danny said...

That guy is huge!

michelle edwards joy said...

He is beautiful.

Merit said...

Thanks. I may have to start cutting back his food a bit or we will have to get a bigger tank.

hiromon said...

I kept Plecostomus before.
He ate a cucumber willingly.

My Plecostomus.