Thursday, June 02, 2011

That smarts

Respect your knives because they will bite you. I was handling a knife that was too big for what I was doing. Ended up grabbing the blade with my thumb. My hubby doctored me up so I could finish cooking (with a glove on). This is picture is the day after. It was a bleeding mess yesterday. I am so glad he poured the alcohol on it because I am not sure that I would have done it.

I love my knives although they are sharp. :) I was using the largest in this set. Danny got me these for Christmas. It is a Fiesta Cobalt Blue Wood Block Set that can be found at Amazon. I didn't even know Fiesta made these. This is a Kitchen Cutlery Set. It is not a steak knife set.
I found this pretty picture of the Fiesta Steak Knife Set that matches it. Ahem!!! Hint!!! Smiles!!!

I did finish preparing my meal anyway - King Ranch Chicken Casserole and Fried Green Tomatoes. I grew my tomatoes. ;)


michelle edwards joy said...

I love Fried Green Tomatos and I cut myself often. I had the Ninja 3 days when I cut my finger on the blade.

Danny said...

You are a Trooper! Cooking awesome meals like that, even while being on the injured list. I sure love you :)