Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Maters and Taters

Here is my harvest today. This is from 2 potato plants and 4 tomato plants. I just picked tomatoes 2 days ago. They are turning quick. Woohoo! D can't resist these taters.

I stopped at a farmer's fruit stand in Pittsburg today. I got okra, cucumber, squash, onions, and peaches for $17.00. If you saw in person the amount of food you get for your money, you would be surprised. When you grab your bag, it is heavy.


Danny said...

That looks really tasty; great job!

michelle edwards joy said...

Way to go Merit! I think the Farmers Market is a great deal. I spend little and come home with much.

Merit said...

The grocery store charges you twice as much as the farmers' market. Then, if the grocery store gets something fresher or organic, they then double their price. My fave. Fresh Eggs for $2 a dozen. If you bought cage free eggs at the store, you would pay a bunch!!!