Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First attempt at California Rolling

Not perfect, but it was tasty. I made some California Roll Sushi. I made the sushi rice a day ahead and got sidetracked. I like these rolls occasionally although I wouldn't want to eat it all of the time.

When I was making these, a small piece of the ever so stinky seaweed fell on the counter. I thought I would just pop it in my mouth. I have to say that the taste of it by itself was a little yuck to me. I got it down, but the smell got up my nose and I thought I was smelling it all evening. Somehow, the mix of all of these flavors is pretty good. I don't do fishy fish or raw fish so these little sushi rolls are all I will probably make for now.

Here is the video I used to help me through the rolling.

Here is where I purchased my Bamboo Rolling Mat.


michelle edwards joy said...

Looks great Merit! I wanna try.

Danny said...

They sure look cool!