Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Snow again... Ugh

Living close to Texarkana, we don't usually get too much snow. We get little bits of flurries and occasionally it will stick. This year has been different. This is our third time to get snow. We had it for around 4 days the first time. Then, shortly after, we got it again. The day we got snowed in the second time, my son developed an abscessed tooth. Oh, the feeling of helplessness. Now, it did it again. I think it may have only been one week or less since the last one.

This is a view from my back porch into our back yard. Our backyard drops off and is two different levels. Alex said this was really soft snow and wasn't able to snowboard as good down the back hill. haha

We didn't get it very heavy this time, but it is just enough to become annoying.

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Beth said...

I'm sure that if i were where you are, i would be feeling the same way. Enough already!

But sitting here in the crazy freezing cold (for the nth time), i can't help but think that a little covering of snow would at least make the miserable cold a little more bearable.


But your picture is very pretty. =) Hope it warms up soon, for all of us. I'd be pretty happy with 40 degrees. I'm not asking for that much, am i?