Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lavender Love

I have been hearing everyone talk about essential oils lately and posting all the good uses. I am already a big fan of anything homemade and natural. 

I have made everything from bath salts to green tea facials although I am just learning and love trying all of my favorite vendors' products. This morning I made a backup supply of bath salts for when my new favorite stash runs out.  My child hood friend, Melanie, creates an amazing bath salt from her family business - SixLittleHands. You can view it on Etsy here. I put this in my whirpool tub and RELAX. The water just fizzes and feels all tingly. I love it.

I tried to use some of my oil to freshen my clothes. I put a few drops on a damp rag and put in the dryer. It does not fight against static, but it does make the clothes and utility room smell wonderful.

My biggest fun today was adding 5-6 drops of my Lavender Essential Oil to my homemade Window/Glass Surface Cleaner. It was 5:1 of Vinegar & Water. The reason I quit using it before was because it didn't smell that good to me. Before today, I never thought of adding a smell to it. I had recently purchased Watkins Natural Lavender All Purpose Cleaner for $5.99 and loved it. I made it myself for much cheaper - probably less than $1.  My homemade cleaner smelled amazing. Lavender is supposed to relax you so there is another plus. Make a cute label, and it will make you smile.

I am most impressed with the homemade surface cleaner. My appliances wiped up nicely. I wiped off my shiny chrome on my washer and dryer, faucets, appliances, marble counter tops, mirrors, glass, tv, and most important - Flat Top Surface Stove!!! Just buff it off with a dry cloth if you want it to be streak-free.

The cleaner that I made today was the best smelling cleaner I have ever used. Also, I won't worry that my baby is touching everything. No toxic chemicals today. And it is okay if it goes down your drain and into your aerobic septic system.


michelle edwards joy said...

Essential Oils are Great!!! I like to put some in a spritz bottle filled with Vodka. Use it as an air freshener. The vodka will evaporate and you are left with the scent.

I am encouraged by you! When we moved here I was afraid no one would be into natural health or products. I had a nice clientel at my office in Bentonville and have missed the comradery of my fellow naturopathic doctors. Thanks for making me smile!

Merit said...

I am so glad you moved here. I can't wait to learn more.

Melanie said...

Shut up! I didn't know that you had a blog (stupid fb doesn't show me all updates on my computer, only on my phone - which I don't use much for fbooking).
I love this! I can't wait to read all of your posts!

Melanie said...

And where do you get your oils, by the way? You know that Laura (Hoyt) is a Young Living distributor now. :-)

Merit said...

I got some online and some at a local store. I will have to try to get some from Laura.

It is so neat reading blogs of all my childhood friends. Much more refreshing than FB. :)