Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overton Tin Whistle

This guy from Brazil commented on one of my piano videos on Youtube. He said he played the song on his Tin Whistle. I thought of a little kid's tin whistle but was curious so went and looked. What he played in one video was testing out his new Low D Overton Tin Whistle. You have to listen because it is amazing. If you remember listening to the Sacred Spirits music a long time ago, that is what it sounds like.

Beautiful!!! After hearing this, I really want one. So, I went looking for one on the internet. It will have to be a splurge in the next few months because I am tapped out after my last old banjo buy and Danny's bday and father's day. :)

Here is where you can buy it in the UK. Overton Whistles I did some quick converting from Euros to Dollars and including VAT, it would be about $303 for the Low D, Tenor D Tin Whistle. Not really sure why I am fascinated about playing instruments outside and in the woods, but wouldn't this be awesome to go find a nice hiding spot in the middle of nowhere and just play.

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Beth said...

yes, yes it would