Monday, June 29, 2009

Cucumbers and Church

PhotobucketHere is one of my cucumber plants in my hanging basket. This isn't my biggest plant, but I have 2 good sized cucumbers growing on it plus some smaller ones. Super neat! We have to water them once or twice a day depending on the heat of the day.

We still have 4 of these hanging on my backporch. We never lost any of them. I have started using Miracle Grow spray once a week now. It seems that they have start producing a little more since I started with that.
I am so anxious to eat the cucumbers!

PhotobucketI have now joined the Antioch Christian Church. They will make it official in a few weeks once Grace is back from Band Camp. My daughter and I both moved our previous memberships to this church. I haven't moved my membership since I was in high school. It's a great church, and I am happy to be a part of it. Another great perk is that they don't mind you wearing casual clothes so you can wear skirts, capris, jeans, or long shorts. All is welcome.
I am taking my banjo down there this Wednesday and am going to start working on incorporating banjo into their music for them. Woohoo! I am nervous and excited.
I am 14 weeks pregnant now. My belly is starting to show, and I am having to really spend more time picking out clothes now since I don't have many loose fitting clothes. There are a few of my bottoms that absolutely don't fit anymore. I am on a tomato kick and sometimes eat 4 a day. My daddy's home grown tomatoes are awesome.

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