Friday, February 17, 2006

Vonage Echo

We use the Vonage VOIP phone services. I wonder if it is the phone that I am using. Maybe cordless phones don't do as well. Half of the time, it is okay. Sometimes when I call people, it has a one second delay at the beginning. There has been times where they couldn't even hear me and kept saying Hello. That is bad because then they think you are prank calling when you call back. Our Vonage phone is used for the business we work for so the calls are coming from all over. Today, I got an echo after I would speak. It sounded like a bad cell phone. This happens for no reason and is really annoying. You can't concentrate on what you are saying because you wonder if they hear all that garbage. I spoke to someone from India a few weeks ago. We already had a small language barrier and then we threw the vonage echo into that. It was a mess. I think I sounded like the Charlie Brown teacher. (wa wa wah wa wa wah) I talked to someone from Israel yesterday, and it was okay. One last gripe about the vonage phone is that it tends to hang up on people. It only seems like it happens when I have an angry customer on the phone. You know they think I did it intentionally.

American Idol Contestants

Finally, American Idol has narrowed it down to 24 contestants. They have posted the pictures and profiles of these on their website. You can see it here!

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