Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Butt Cleavage

This poor girl sitting in this picture has crack attack. Picture came from Tian. We should all agree that there are only a few people who can wear the extreme low waisted pants. The rest of us should just get a longer shirt or higher waisted jeans. I am ready for the blue jean manufacturers to start making good jeans again that are high enough to prevent butt cleavage but low enough to not look like granny jeans. Is there such a jean out there? What happened to the jean world?

Butt Gap

I went to Cato's today and purchased some great jeans. They sell Misses jeans that look like Junior jeans - trendy. They are not too low-waisted, but they have the butt gap thing going on. You know what I am talking about. When your waist is smaller than what it should be in proportion to your butt, you create a peep show when you sit down. I am going to attempt to put some small darts in my jeans and see if I can CLOSE THE GAP. When more than one person has commented that they can see your butt (and laughs), it is time to hide it.

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