Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Preference your Music & Rating Artists

Pandora will help you discover music that you like by setting your preferences. You create an account. It is FREE. You put in a few songs that you like, and it suggests music that you like. You can rate it to say you "Like it" or "Don't like it." It is based on things like melody, instruments, and other things like it that go into a song. If you put more than a few songs in it, the range will be wider. It doesn't think that if you like one song by an artist that you will like everyone unless you tell it that you do. It is similar to launchcast, but I think it is better. It is fun to go to Pandora and listen for awhile. If you like what you hear, you can buy it on Amazon. Great for all!

American Idol Underground is a place to rate artists. It is FREE. I have listened for awhile and have found some really great music. I will definitely be buying some cds that I may have not found without American Idol Underground. The talent that is on there is a little more developed than what you see on American Idol. They have at least tried to get a cd made and get some gigs. It is broke down into many sections. You get to rate them and skip to the next song. Kind of addicting because you keep wanting to hear what is next. There have been a few that I wondered who has been supporting all this time.

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