Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Sugar Floating Blocks Soap

My first attempt at suspension soap. It was a lot of fun.

iPhone pic

I had some avocado cucumber melt and pour base and some olive oil soap base. I made two small thin batches of avocado cucumber soap. It was cloudy. I made them pink and blue. Cut them up into little squares. I then made enough olive oil soap to cover the bottom of my container/mold. I tinted it light purple and made it smell like pink sugar. I poked a few of the blocks in it. I would then do a few layers of more olive oil soap and put a few more blocks in it.

The most important part of layering I learned is to spray alcohol. Once you pour the soap, spray alcohol to pop the bubbles. Before you can add another layer, you need to spray with alcohol again. I read that if you don't have alcohol sprayed, that the layers won't stick and they may come apart.


michelle edwards joy said...

Very cool Merit!

Kelli Stuart said...

Hi Merit! Thanks for following my blog! I've only had time to scan yours so far but it looks like you and I are two peas in a pod LOL! Gardening, real food, natural skin care, music (my new ukulele is my current obsession, also play piano and bass) I love that you have Steve Martin on your blog. LOVE that guy!!! (his 70's/80's stuff is the best though) I'm looking forward to poking around more as I have the time, and I'm adding it to my google reader. I REALLY want to learn about making soap. For some reason it scares the heck outta me :)!

Merit said...

Wow Kelli, we do sound a lot alike. I am a banjo fool. :) I am dying to make "real soap" and I am scared, too. I have started with melt and pour. I have the lye ordered and here now. I figured I may give it a try this weekend or next - on my back porch.

This book is one of the best for great things to do with melt and pour. Soapylove: Squeaky-Clean Projects Using Melt-and-Pour Soap

Kelli Stuart said...

Thanks Merit! I'll have to check it out!